Leapfrog Leappad2 Explorer Accessories

The newest rage in hand-held gaming devices for young children is the Leapfrog LeapPad2 Explorer. Children everywhere are falling in love with the well-made child-friendly device. With every great product comes accessories for those who love what they have but just want to have more. Leapfrog has provided quality accessories for the LeapPad2 Explorer.

When you pay $100 for an amazing toy, even though it is tough enough for children to handle, you want a safe place to store it. Leapfrog has choices for you.

First, especially if you are traveling, take a look at the Leapfrog backpack that will hold any Leapfrog device. The backpack has two internal pockets and holds the LeapPad2 Explorer and any games your child wants to take along. For regular storage, there are both cases and sleeves that will hold the games and the pad. Some are special; for example, one case features princesses.

When your LeapPad2 Explorer is out of its case, consider getting a Gel Skin to keep it safe, especially if you child is prone to dropping things. The skins come in three shades, blue, purple and green. Parental help may be necessary when the batteries are being changed.

When traveling in the car, the Video Display Case is perfect. The case attaches to a headrest on the front seat and includes a stand that makes it easy to watch learning videos. The case even has a pouch where you can store extra cartridges or a stylus for longer trips. 

Buying batteries is always the downside of a popular toy. That is why Leapfrog created an accessory, just for LeapPad2 Explorer, that can save parents a bundle! The rechargeable battery pack allows you to recharge your pad. The bundle also includes an AC adapter that will allow the device to be played with immediately. The rechargeable pack may be the most important accessory you purchase because it provides hours of learning fun for your child without costing you another penny.

Four GB of memory provides for a lot of fun opportunities. While your child will enjoy the free apps that come with the pad, the possibility of over 325 downloadable apps and game cartridges adds to the fun. Music, video, eBooks and games, available at any store that sells Leapfrog products or on the Internet, provide your child with a plethora of avenues to improve her learning. Bear in mind that any apps and games that work on the original Explorer also works on the new pad; they just work better.

With LeapPad2 Explorer, the fun never ends. Think of the seemingly endless possibilities of learning your could provide for your child with this child-friendly pad and these wonderful accessories.