Leapfrog Products for Kids for Christmas 2011

LeapFrog is renowned for its’ education based toys that implement the most innovative technological advances for both learning and fun.  The wish lists for the 2011 Christmas will undoubtedly be filled with hopes for video games and electronic devices. 

However, educational toys with technology driven devices are a great alternative to the shooter video games and the web surfing devices that are often too mature for children.

LeapFrog has a wide variety of products that are suitable for any age group.  Here are the top picks of LeapFrog products for kids for Christmas 2011:

Tag Junior: Special Christmas Bundle

The Tag Junior Book Pal is a helpful reading tool designed especially for toddlers.  It comes in five different playful character models that can be easily held by small toddler hands.  They scroll over specially designed LeapFrog books to help toddlers learn letters, sounds, numbers, shapes and early reading skills.

For Christmas 2011, LeapFrog has released the Tag Junior: Special Christmas Bundle on sale for $44.99.  It comes with the Tag Junior Scout Book Pal, the Christmas in the Manger Board Book and a special Tag Junior case for easy travel.

LeapPad Learning Tablet

Every parent knows how fascinated kids are with electronic and touch screen devices.  Instead of fighting with them over your phone or tablet, LeapFrog has designed a touch screen tablet specifically for kids.  Although the age range is 4 to 9 years, the LeapPad Learning Tablet has apps and features for kids of all ages. 

In direct competition with the Vtech Innotab Tablet, the LeapPad Learning Tablet has a few features that makes it stand apart from the competition.  The LeapPad Learning Tablet is the 2011 Award Winner for the best new kid-friendly learning tablet.  On top of all the downloadable apps and cartridges, the LeapPad Learning Tablet also comes standard with a built-in camera and video recorder.

For the 2011 Christmas, LeapFrog is featuring starter bundles at a decreased price.  The LeapPad Starter Bundle comes with a $40 App Card for a total price of $139.97.  Specially designed with easy grips for kids and shock absorbent for the occasional drop, this is a great gift idea for the tech savvy kid who wants a tablet all their own.

Leapster Explorer Learning Experience

The Leapster Explorer Learning Experience is shaped like a video gaming controller, great for tricking kids into thinking they are playing a video game.  Instead, the product is a learning tool that encourages skill building for reading, math, science, geography and much more. 

For the 2011 Christmas there are a number of different options from starter bundles, Kindergarten bundles and even special character themed devices like Disney Princesses and Pixar Cars.

My Pal Scout & Violet

Perfect for a stocking stuffer or inexpensive extra gift for a 6 to 36 month old, this LeapFrog plush toy is much more than just a regular stuffed animal.  You program the product with your home computer and it comes to life with personalization.  My Pal Scout & Violet will know the child’s name, favorite color, favorite food, favorite animal and much more. 

You can even check online and see which buttons and songs are favored by the child by seeing how often each button is pushed.  You can personalize the lullabies and songs the product plays by choosing your favorite tunes onto the product.  There are two versions, perfect for a boy or girl, and is moderately priced for less than $20.

In today’s economy, where education is more important than ever, it’s crucial to encourage the love of learning at an early age.  LeapFrog is a leader in educational toys and continues to reinvent the ordinary into extraordinary.  Give the gift of learning for the 2011 Christmas and you’ll be giving a gift that will last a lifetime.