Lego Bionicle Action Figures

The LEGO Bionicle universe has a rich storyline supporting its yearly releases of new figures. The universe was created by the Great Beings, who created the Matoran (the civilians of the Bionicle universe) as well as the Toa (the inherit heroes of the universe). The first storyline focused on the “Mask of Light” which was originally hidden. The Mask of Light is the only mask that controls the element of Light, which is an element that always remains separate from any of the characters (Toa or villians)

2001 was the beginning of the Bionicle universe and the following lists all of the figures released during the year.

TURAGA are Toa who fulfilled their destiny and gave up their Toa Power. They are the wise leaders of the Matoran of Mata Nui and each rule over a village of their own.

Vakama The past Toa of Fire; Known for his courage and temper Matau The past Toa of Air; Humorous Onewa The past Toa of Stone; Brave and quick to anger Nokama The past Toa of Water; Wise and resourceful Nuju The past Toa of Ice; Analytical and pessimistic Whenua The past Toa of Earth; Honest

The personalities and traits of these Turaga all expand to the future models of Bionicle figures. For example, most of the figures (Toa and not) of Air display light and humorous personalities.

TOA The Toa Mata are the first set of Toa in Bionicle, who save the island of Mata Nui from Teridax, one of the main villains in Bionicle.

Tahu Toa Mata of Fire; The leader of the Toa, holds Hau, the mask of shielding Lewa Toa Mata of Air; Holds Miru Nuva, the mask of levitation Pohatu Toa Mata of Stone; Holds Kakama, the mask of speed Gali Toa Mata of Water; Holds Nynrah, the mask of water breathing Kopaka Toa Mata of Ice; Holds Midak, the mask of X-Ray vision Onua Toa Mata of Earth; Holds Pakari, the mask of strength

RAHI The Rahi are the animals in the Matoran universe. They inhabited every area of the Matoran universe, and every faction in Bionicle used some of the Rahi for different functions (like transportation or fighting) The Rahi are the most diverse set of figures in Bionicle, as they are modeled after animals and represent all areas of the Bionicle universe.

Metru Nui large and insect like fliers with large claws and a stinger. They lived around Le-Metru, the Air realm of Bionicle. Muaka resembled tigers, and some were inscribed into the army of Teridax Kane-Ra resembled bulls, and were herbivores. They inhabited Po-Wahi and Ko-Wahi, the stone and ice realms of Bionicle Mana resembled large crabs, both smart and strong. Manas were often used as guards. Nui-Jaga resembled large scorpions, with fatal stingers. Nui-Jagas were slow and generally not very smart. Tarakava resembled lizards, using their long legs to deliver strong kicks.

Although this is only the releases of 2001, the yearly sets remain quite similar in make up. Every year one Toa and Turaga from each element is released (with different appearances and story background) along with new Rahi of various forms and new villains. Each year has its own new storyline and directs the plot in it’s own individual way.