Looking for Educational Toys for Young Children

If you are looking for a suitable and interesting present for a child aged three and above then the box of Galt First Octons may be the ideal toy. There is nothing hi-tech about these simple interlocking plastic shapes but they seem to be fascinating to youngsters. Galt have them on offer at a good price, a box of 48 interlocking plastic shapes comes in at around £6. Galt recommend that the shapes are suitable for children aged three and over.

First thing you notice is the colourful packaging. The box in itself is alive with colour and very attractive to a young child. Inside of the box you find 48 brightly coloured `octons`. The plastic is florescent and as the name of the shapes suggest they each have eight sections. Think of a flower and each Octon is like a flower with eight petals. The slits in between the `petals` allow the Octons to interlock. As the shapes interlock you can form all manner of different shapes with them. The Octons come in different colours which are red, blue, pink, yellow, green and orange.

The Galt Octons are made from plastic and are durable. As anyone knows plastic toys are amazing because you can wash them over when they get dirty. We wondered if the octons would interlock firmly enough to remain in place, there appears to be no problem there. Even the smallest of fingers can wiggle the octons so that they join up and they do stay in their slots.

Young children have wonderful imaginations and our three year old grandson loves anything that stacks or builds so the octons are right up his street. At three he is beyond trying to put them into his mouth, he is just engrossed as he tries to make a toy. His small fingers can hold the Galt octons really well and he finds it challenging to try to slot them together but this does him the power of good.

If at the time he is wearing his Buzz Lightyear suit then the Galt octons could become a spaceship. Maybe the funniest spaceship that we have ever seen but he marvels at his own work. As he handles the octons it uses his skills. He needs to use the tips of his fingers to grasp the shapes while he slots them together. But even at three this is manageable. The Galt octons are a simple and educational toy. Young children love to touch and feel and the octons allow him to do both. As he builds whatever he is building he tries to tell you the colours of the octons too.

The brightly coloured blocks are a good plaything. If the child is playing alone then they are a safe toy. Children love to build and the octons allow them to use their imagination and creativity. The plastic shapes take up little room, they just pack away in the box at the end of play. We think they are a good plaything. As yet all of our octons are still in one piece and we hope that they will stay like that. If you are playing with your child then there are enough shapes for you both to build something. At around the £6 mark they would make a good Christmas present.