Magic the Gathering Card Analysis Angelic Renewal

Surprise is a bigger part of magic the gathering than most people give it credit for. The base abilities of games like poker really do matter in magic the gathering and so having a surprise card or two in your hand is useful. But sometimes that ability to surprise an opponent is less important than you might think, especially in situations where you can force your opponent to act in a way different than what he might normally do.

Angelic Renewal is a common enchantment from the wealtherlight expansion set of magic the gathering with an ability that is typically found on sorceries rather than enchantments. It costs one white and one colorless to put into play and reads “Whenever a creature is put into your graveyard from the battlefield, you may sacrifice Angelic Renewal. If you do, return that card to the battlefield.”

This is at its essence an animate dead spell for white and while it can’t be used to bring creatures back from the graveyard who have not been in the battlefield it does have some ability to help put powerful creatures onto the board if you look deeply into the game of magic.

Let us start first though with how this will effect the way your opponent plays his game. Opponents who see this card will recognize that the removal spell in their hand is going to be countered. This gives your opponent the chance to make the mistake of not using it when they should. This is a mistake because unless they plan to disenchant this card it is going to remain in play until it is used. Even more useful are when people choose not to block with their creatures because yours will not die in the exchange but theirs will. If you find an opponent who is willing to give you these advantages then it may be worth not using this card at all but letting creatures die so that it stays over his head.

Putting creatures into play for less is a bit more difficult but not impossible. The best choices are those creatures with evoke costs. These creatures almost all have useful come into play effects and cost considerably less to evoke but the side effect is that they go directly to the graveyard. Except with this card they would not go to the graveyard but back into play and best of all since they are entering the battlefield again you get the come into play effect again.