Magic the Gathering Card Analysis Apathy

I love the epic art on so many magic the gathering cards. Painted scenes of very cool monsters which are often scary and almost always very well done, but my favorite card art is usually found on goblins. The pictures where a goblin has his finger up his nose or a strainer on his head, the ones where they have odd contraptions. These cards help to remind my that this is a game meant to be fun and not to be taken so seriously, and when they are put on cards which are actually useful it becomes even better.

Apathy’s picture is one of my favorites. A man sitting at a bar head in hand with a beer in his hand while wizards, orks, monsters and more battle behind him. This is a cartoon far more than most magic the gathering cards and yet it gives you the feel of the card better than almost any art I have ever seen.

The spell itself is a enchantment Aura that costs one blue mana and is typically attached to one of your opponent’s creatures. The spell reads “Enchanted creature doesn’t untap during its controller’s untap step. At the beginning of the upkeep of enchanted creature’s controller, that player may discard a card at random. If he or she does, untap that creature.”

Since this card has come out there have been many cards that are similar. Most of them now simply state that the creature can’t attack or block, and others include abilities in the can’t category. And yet none of them match the feel of this card to me.

The main weakness of this card is that if it is attached to a significantly important creature your opponent can choose to untap it so long as they have a card in their hand. But this discard is random making it unlikely that they will do this very often. People do not generally build decks with the intent of discarding the cards. On the other hand if they happen to have one of the few cards that penalize you for making them discard you may want to sideboard this card.

Like most of this type of blue removal it is mostly used because blue is so bad at removal and best in limited style games where players have little enchantment removal and sidelining one of their best creatures is useful. Also, be sure to target a creature that is already tapped if possible.