Magic the Gathering Card Analysis Argivian Restoration

Putting creatures directly from the graveyard into the battlefield is a powerful effect and one that black has mostly monopolized but in truth this isn’t the only type of permanent than can be useful to put back into play, and unlike creatures the others have a more immediate effect on the game, so that even a sorcery which allows you to put something like an artifact into play can let you gain a bit more surprise.

Argivian Restoration is an uncommon sorcery from the weatherlight expansion set of magic the gathering. It costs two blue and two colorless mana to cast and lets you take an artifact from your graveyard and put it into play.

At first blush for mana for this seems a bit expensive. After all you are most likely simply putting an artifact into play that you have already played, but when you parse out the cost its actually quite reasonable. The first thing to remember is that unlike most sorceries this is putting a permanent effect into the game. It is also worth noting that there are a good number of expensive artifacts in the game. And there is no rule that says they have to have been in play. It is also important to recognize that this card does not say non artifact creature so you could potentially pay four to put an 11/11 artifact creature into play if you could get it into the graveyard.

One of the main problems with this in contrast to the creature reanimation spells is that you are assuming your opponent will remove the artifacts in order for them to reach the graveyard. This is also true of creatures but it is far more likely. There are two ways to overcome this. The first is to use artifacts that if your opponent doesn’t destroy will cause them to lose the game so that it doesn’t matter if this is blank, the other is to choose artifacts that can be sacrificed. The main problem with the second is that most of the artifacts which can be sacrificed are going to give you less than four mana’s worth of value.

This is not a perfect card and there are others that do similar things but there is quite a lot of value to be gained in the correct use of this card and it will frustrate your opponents who run only a single set of disenchants or naturalize when the artifacts come back the next turn.