Magic the Gathering Card Analysis Ayumi the last Visitor

“Ayumi, the Last Visitor” is a 7/3 legendary green spirit printed as a rare for the Magic the Gathering expansion set known as “Saviors of Kamigawa.” This is a good card to have as a sideboard if you are playing green and your opponent has legendary lands out on the battlefield. There are quite a number of legendary lands printed in Magic the Gathering. With extended and EDH (Elder Dragon Highlander) formats, legendary lands old and new are seeing a lot of play. In this case, Ayumi, the Last Visitor seems to be useful. However, it is a bit too risky to have Ayumi, the Last Visitor as a general in an EDH format.

The converted mana cost for Ayumi, the Last Visitor is five. You will need two green mana and three colorless mana to play Ayumi, the Last Visitor from your hand onto the battlefield. For what Ayumi, the Last Visitor can do, the five mana is well worth it. Luckily, green has the best mana acceleration. Keep in mind that Ayumi, the Last Visitor is a legendary creature and is subject to the “legendary rule.” Should there be at least two cards on the battlefield named Ayumi, the Last Visitor, they both get sent to the graveyard. This is a green creature. It means that Ayumi, the Last Visitor is susceptible to anything and everything that affects green permanents let alone creatures.

What does Ayumi, the Last Visitor do in the first place?

Ayumi, the Last Visitor only has one ability to use. Because of this, Ayumi, the Last Visitor is mainly good as a sideboard. The ability is called Legendary Landwalk. If you attack with Ayumi, the Last Visitor and your opponent has at least one legendary land on the battlefield, s/he cannot block. It means that s/he is going to take seven points of combat damage. In two or three turns, you can attack with Ayumi, the Last Vistor and defeat your opponent in a game.

If your opponent has an artifact heavy deck, then s/he may have “Academy Ruins.” If that is the case, you can attack him/her with Ayumi, the Last Visitor. A person with an all-black deck would have “Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth” on hand. You can attack him/her with Ayumi, the Last Visitor.

An aggressive green deck may have “Gaea’s Cradle.” You can attack that person too. As long as opponents have at least one legendary land, you can attack them. Overall, this is a great creature to have as a sideboard against those with legendary lands.