Magic the Gathering Card Analysis Benalish Missionary

One of the most common predicaments a magic the gathering player is likely to find himself or herself in is having more creatures than your opponent but being unable to block because his one creature is bigger than any one of yours. You could of course double up but this could easily mean losing two or three creatures, so you begin a damage race with the opponent hoping to keep close to him until you can come up with a better solution and finally throwing one creature after another in front of his creature to stay alive another turn.

One possible solution to this problem is the benalish Missionary, a small and simple creature that can be fit into almost any white deck it is a common human cleric from the weatherlight expansion set of magic the gathering. It costs one white mana to put into play and is a 1/1 creature with an ability that can be quite useful. This ability costs one white mana, one colorless mana and tapping the Benalish Missionary to activate and reads “Prevent all combat damage that would be dealt by target blocked creature this turn.”

This might not be as useful as regeneration but it can help considerably. Now that large attacking creature can be blocked every turn by the Benalish Missionary himself. To do this you simply declare the Benalish Missionary a blocker then after he is blocking but before damage is dealt you pay the mana and tap him. He will block the creature and the creature will do no damage, but the Benalish Missionary will also do none.

Another valuable way to do this is to simply kill the opponent’s creatures in a creature battle. Assuming you have enough creatures to block and kill the creature with this you can add two or three blockers and then use this ability to stop him from doing any damage so that your combine troops can kill him safely.

This isn’t an ability that is going to be used every turn and there may even been games that go by when it is hardly useful but as a 1/1 creature for one white mana this is a card that gives some added value and in the end anything you get over the 1/1 for one is a bonus so if you are playing white weenie, or simply end up blocking a lot this is a card well worth slipping into your deck.