Magic the Gathering Card Analysis Blistering Firecat

“Blistering Firecat” is a 7/1 red elemental cat printed as a rare for the Magic the Gathering expansion set known as “Onslaught.”  This is a good card to have if you are planning on making a red burn deck a.k.a. “Red Deck Wins.”  Blistering Firecat is a creature that focuses on speed.  So far, Blistering Firecat is legal in the following formats: EDH (Elder Dragon Highlander), Onslaught Block (Onslaught, “Legions,” and “Scourge”), Legacy, Vintage, Freeform, Prismatic, Tribal Wars Classic, Classic, Singleton 100, and Commander.

The converted mana cost for Blistering Firecat is four.  You will need three red mana and one colorless mana to play Blistering Firecat from your hand onto the battlefield.  For what the Blistering Firecat can do, the four mana is definitely worth it.  However, there is a somewhat alternative casting cost to playing the Blistering Firecat.

What does Blistering Firecat do in the first place?

The first ability of the Blistering Firecat is that it has the ability of Trample.  Should you attack with Blistering Firecat and your opponent blocks, s/he is still going to be taking combat damage for the most part. 

The second ability of the Blistering Firecat is Haste.  As soon as the Blistering Firecat enters the battlefield, you can attack with it.  Haste means that the creature is not affected by Summoning Sickness.

The moment that the Blistering Firecat enters the battlefield, you can attack with it and deal up to seven points of combat damage.

However, you have to sacrifice it at the end of the turn.  For this reason, you should have four of those in your deck.

Instead of paying the full four mana, you can pay two colorless mana and put the Blistering Firecat face-down as a 2/2 morph creature.  You pay two red mana to turn the Blistering Firecat face-up.

You should have these two cards to compliment the Blistering Firecat.  The first card would be the “Furnace of Rath.”  Furnace of Rath doubles the damage points that your sources deal.  In this respect, you can deal up to fourteen points of damage with Blistering Firecat and Furnace of Rath. 

The second card would be “Rage Reflection” which gives all your creatures Double Strike.   With Blistering Firecat and Rage Reflection, you can deal up to fourteen points of damage.

With both cards to compliment Blistering Firecat, it can deal up to twenty-eight points of damage.

Overall, Blistering Firecat is a decent card to have.  That is provided that you attack fast.  Make sure you have a fast red deck to get much use out of Blistering Firecat.