Magic the Gathering Card Analysis Catapult Master

“Catapult Master” is a 3/3 white human soldier printed as a rare for the Magic the Gathering expansion set known as “Onslaught.”  So far, Catapult Master is pretty handy for the most part provided that you are using a deck full of soldiers.  It seems to be an effective card in getting rid of annoying creatures for the most part.  So far, the Catapult Master is legal in the following formats: EDH (Elder Dragon Highlander), Onslaught Block (Onslaught, “Legions,” and “Scourge”), Legacy, Vintage, Freeform, Prismatic, Tribal Wars Classic, Classic, Singleton 100, and Commander.

The converted mana cost for Catapult Master is five.  You will need two white mana and three colorless mana to play Catapult Master from your hand onto the battlefield.  For what the Catapult Master can do, the five mana is definitely worth it.  Just make sure to have plenty of soldiers on hand to take advantage of the Catapult Master.

What does the Catapult Master do in the first place?

As long as the Catapult Master is on the battlefield, you tap five untapped soldiers.  Doing so lets you Exile a target creature from the game provided that it does not have Shroud, Protection from White, or Protection from Soldiers. 

Luckily, you do not have to tap the Catapult Master in order to use the ability.  As soon as the Catapult Master comes onto the battlefield, you can tap five soldier tokens.  When it is the Catapult Master’s turn, you can even tap that. 

Think of this as a means to get rid of some threatening creatures such as the “Darksteel Colossus.”  If an opponent decides to do a combo between “Rafiq of the Many” and “Umezawa’s Jitte,” you can tap five soldiers and Exile the former from the game.  Those two cards combined together is something you do not want to be on the receiving end of.

To get the most out of Catapult Master, you would want to have cards that have the ability to generate soldier tokens.  As long as you have enough soldiers, you can use the ability of Catapult Master as many times as you want.

You could possibly Exile two creatures from the game.  There are plenty of creatures that you would want to Exile from the game.

Overall, Catapult Master is a pretty decent card to have.  However, make sure you have means to boost the power and toughness of the Catapult Master.  If you are not careful, an opponent could kill it with “Lightning Bolt.”