Magic the Gathering Card Analysis Choking Tethers

“Choking Tethers” is a blue instant spell printed as a common for the Magic the Gathering expansion set known as “Onslaught.”  So far this seems to be an interesting card to have provided that you are playing a control deck with blue cards.  In a sense, Choking Tethers seems to be a card that should be printed as an uncommon.  This is pretty effective if you have a good enough attacker and your opponent has some creatures.  Choking Tethers is legal in the following formats: EDH (Elder Dragon Highlander), Onslaught Block (Onslaught, “Legions,” and “Scourge”), Legacy, Vintage, Freeform, Prismatic, Tribal Wars Classic, Classic, Singleton 100, and Commander.

The converted mana cost for Choking Tethers is four.  You will need one blue mana and three colorless mana to play Choking Tethers.  For what Choking Tethers can do, the casting cost seems to be worth it for the most part.  Luckily, Choking Tethers is an instant spell.  That means you can play Choking Tethers at any given point during the game.  Make sure that your opponent has a few creatures on the battlefield before you play Choking Tethers.

What does Choking Tethers do in the first place? When Choking Tethers is played, you can tap up to four target creatures.  If your opponent has a bunch of blockers and you have a creature with Trample, by all means play the Choking Tethers.  That way, it would reduce the number of creatures an opponent can use to double block, triple block, or even quadruple block.  Thus, you can move in for the kill on your opponent.

This seems to be rather handy especially if any opponent has the “Eldrazi Monument” on the battlefield.  His/her creatures would be indestructible.  Spells and abilities that destroy or deal lethal damage will not kill those creatures.  It would make attacking with your creatures utterly useless for the most part.

You can play Choking Tethers and tap up to four of your opponent’s target creatures.  That is provided that the creatures have neither Shroud nor Protection from Blue. 

If Choking Tethers is still in your hand, you can Cycle it for one blue mana and one colorless mana.  You simply discard Choking Tethers and draw a card.  By Cycling this card, you can tap one target creature.

That is still good enough if your opponent has one major creature and you only need to wipe out the last of your opponent’s life points.  If that is the case, you can Cycle this card and tap that creature that it has neither Shroud nor Protection from Blue.

Overall, Choking Tethers seems to be a good card to have for the most part.  Use this in a control deck and dismantle an opponent’s defense.