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Magic the Gathering Card Analysis Furnace of Rath

“Furnace of Rath” is a red enchantment spell originally printed as a rare for the Magic the Gathering expansion set known as “Tempest.”  It would be reprinted as a rare for the “Eighth Edition,” “Ninth Edition,” and “Tenth Edition” core sets.  It was also reprinted as a rare for the special “Planechase” set.  This is a very good card to have if you are playing offensively with red for the most part.  With the right combination of cards on the battlefield, Furnace of Rath is a pretty formidable card ot have.  Currently, Furnace of Rath is legal in the following formats: Tempest block (Tempest, “Stronghold,” and “Exodus”), Legacy, Vintage, Freeform, Prismatic, Tribal Wars Classic, Classic, Singleton 100, Commander, and EDH (Elder Dragon Highlander.)

The converted mana cost for Furnace of Rath is four.  You will need three red mana and one colorless mana to play Furnace of Rath from your hand onto the battlefield.  For what Furnace of Rath can do, the four mana is definitely worth it.  Keep in mind that Furnace of Rath is an enchantment spell.  Thus, Furnace of Rath is susceptible to anything and everything that affects let alone targets enchantmetn spells.  Spells such as “Naturalize,” “Disenchant,” and so forth will pop off Furnace of Rath and send it to the graveyard.

What does Furnace of Rath do in the first place?

If a source would deal damage points to a creature or player, it deals double the damage points instead.  However, this is a double-edged sword as it helps out your opponents as well for the most part.

Say that you played “Lightning Bolt” for example.  Normally, it deals three points of damage.  With Furnace of Rath on the battlefield, Lightning Bolt would deal six points of damage instead.  If you have two Furnace of Rath cards on the battlefield, Lightning Bolt deals twelve points of damage.  

The ability of Furnace of Rath is simply cut and dry for the most part.  But, there is the important question to be asked: How do you get the most out of Furnace of Rath?

You will need to be incredibly fast about it.  Again, this also helps your opponents out for the most part.  Ideally, you should have a red burn deck with cards such as “Banefire,” “Demonfire,” “Ball Lightning,” “Hell’s Thunder,” “Hellspark Elemental,” “Goblin Guide,” and so forth.  

In a red and green deck, Furnace of Rath is even more useful.

On your end, you may want to have other cards such as “Gratuitious Violence” and “Rage Reflection.”  Gratuitious Violence, when on the battlefield, doubles the damage points that your creatures deal during combat.  Rage Reflection, when on the battlefield, gives all your creatures Double Strike.

Also, have cards that give your creatures Trample.  In short, you want to play offensively if you are playing with Furnace of Rath.  If not, your opponents will take advantage and you will be the one getting burned in the process.

Overall, Furnace of Rath is a very decent card to have on hand for the most part.  With the right combination of cards on the battlefield, this is a great offensive card to have.  

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