Magic the Gathering Card Analysis Heroes Remembered

“Heroes Remembered” is a white sorcery spell printed as a rare for the Magic the Gathering expansion set known as “Planar Chaos.” This is one of the many spells in the expansion set in which you have a lower alternative cost. By paying that cost, you give the spell Suspend. So far, the card looks interesting enough to play. However, being able to play the card is going to be very complicated one way or the other.

The initial converted mana cost for Heroes Remembered is going to be nine. You will need three white mana and six colorless mana to play Heroes Remembered. For what the spell can do, it could be reasonable enough to pay the mana cost. However, the mana cost of nine is very expensive. Unless one has the necessary mana acceleration, Heroes Remembered would seem to be a waste of space in a deck. So far, it is no longer legal in the standard format. While it is legal in an extended format, there is not much practicality in using Heroes Remembered.

You can pay one white mana to give Heroes Remembered Suspend 10. In this case, you Exile Heroes Remembered from the game with ten time counters on it. At the beginning of your next upkeep, you remove one. After ten turns, you can play Heroes Remembered without paying its mana cost. Keep in mind that Heroes Remembered is a sorcery spell. It means that Heroes Remembered can only be cast during your turn.

What does Heroes Remembered do in the first place? When Heroes Remembered is cast, you gain twenty points of life. For the most part, it can be good for you. However, it seems to be a waste if you have no defenses and your opponents have ways to go after you. But, that is not the only problem of the card.

The thing is this, nine mana is very expensive. For the most part, you probably will not get the nine mana out before the game ends. If you want to be able to use the spell, you are going to need serious mana acceleration. This is if you want to pay the initial converted mana cost.

Paying the alternative Suspend cost is not that great either. This is due to having to wait ten turns. If your opponent has an aggressive deck, s/he could manage to beat you in a mere matter of turns. You would have lost the game without being able to play Heroes Remembered.

Today, you could be able to play Heroes Remembered early in the game in an extended format in a black and white deck. You can combine this with “Vampire Hexmage” from “Zendikar.” You can pay the Suspend cost. You simply sacrifice Vampire Hexmage to remove all the counters from a target permanent. You simply target the time counters on Vampire Hexmage.

Overall, this is an interesting card. Still, it is highly unlikely that Heroes Remembered will receive much play. This is because it is pretty difficult to be able to cast Heroes Remembered.