Magic the Gathering Card Analysis Horseshoe Crab

Horseshoe Crab is a common blue crab creature from the Urza’s Saga expansion set of magic the gathering. It was also printed in the tenth edition core set of magic the gathering as a common. Horseshoe Crab cost one blue and two colorless mana to put the creature into play. It has a power of one and toughness of three which makes some sense for a crab but it’s ability makes it considerably more interesting as you can pay one blue mana to untap the Horseshoe Crab. This is simply a bad version of vigilance if you use it alone allowing you to untap the creature so that you can both attack and block with it, but if you combine it with other cards that tap it there is the potential of it being quite powerful.

There are a group of creature enchantments which do not really make the creature better in combat but instead give them abilities. There are a number of these most of which let the creature tap in order to gain some advantage. These can be reasonably good on almost any creature but they become far better or the horseshoe crab since it can be used as many times as you have blue mana to untap it. The most direct way to use this is to do damage to the opponent. This can be used with Viridian Longbow or Hermetic study, both of which let a creature tap to do one point of damage to a creature or player. This is not the only choice though and another impressive power is Ocular Halo, which lets you tap the creature it enchants to draw a card. Using this once a turn is powerful, using it three or four times a turn can become overkill quite quickly. Also of possible use are creatures that tap other creatures to activate their abilities. This is not all that common but it could be a small boost without being the solution as most require more than one other creature.

In limited the odds of having any of those enchantments is not high, the only one of them in the block is Hermetic Study and if you have drafted either of these already it dramatically increases the value of the other. Without that though it is not a card you’ll want to draft all that early as you are going to use it mostly to block and not even all that effectively.