Magic the Gathering Card Analysis Intet the Dreamer

“Intet, the Dreamer” is a 6/6 legendary green, red, and blue dragon printed as a rare for the Magic the Gathering expansion set known as “Planar Chaos.” It is one of the several legendary dragons printed as rare for Planar Chaos. It seems to be one of the alternate versions of several dragons printed earlier. In a sense, Intet, the Dreamer seems to be one of the new “elder dragons.”

The converted mana cost of Intet, the Dreamer is six. You will need one green mana, one red mana, and blue mana, and three colorless mana to play Intet, the Dreamer from your hand onto the battlefield. For what Intet, the Dreamer can do, the converted mana cost seems to be worth it for the most part. Keep in mind that Intet, the Dreamer is a legendary creature and is subject to the “legendary rule.” If there are two creatures on the battlefield named Intet, the Dreamer at the same time, they both get sent to the graveyard.

What does Intet, the Dreamer do in the first place? The first ability of Intet, the Dreamer is Flying. Should you attack with Intet, the Dreamer and your opponent has creatures with neither Flying nor Reach, then s/he is taking six points of combat damage. This is good in case your opponent does not have creatures with any of those abilities. But, this not the main ability of Intet, the Dreamer.

The second ability allows you to pay one blue mana and two colorless mana whenever Intet, the Dreamer deals combat damage. Doing so allows you to Exile the top card of your library. As long as Intet, the Dreamer remains on the battlefield, you can play the card without paying its mana cost. However, you need to play those cards soon. Due to Intet, the Dreamer’s abilities along with power and toughness, Intet, the Dreamer is a target for your opponents.

Any experienced Magic the Gathering player will realize what will happen once Intet, the Dreamer is on the battlefield. But, that is not the only problem one has to deal with. One had to think about the mana cost. While the colorless mana cost is not much a problem, the color mana cost is. You will need mana fixing in the form of artifacts and nonbasic lands. An opponent will do whatever it takes to keep you from playing those creatures. In this respect, expect your opponents to try to take out your artifacts and nonbasic lands.

Overall, Intet, the Dreamer is a pretty interesting card for the most part. Be prepared to receive a lot of hate if you end up bringing this creature onto the battlefield.