Magic the Gathering Card Analysis Meteor Storm

“Meteor Storm” is a green and red enchantment spell printed as a rare for the Magic the Gathering expansion set known as “Invasion.”  At first glance, it does not seem to be all that by itself.  For the most part, it seems that there are better alternatives than using something like Meteor Storm.  With the right combination of cards on the battlefield, Meteor Storm can be quite the formidable card to have.  Currently, Meteor Storm is legal in the following formats: Invasion block (Invasion, “Planeshift,” and “Apocalypse”), Legacy, Vintage, Freeform, Prismatic, Tribal Wars Classic, Classic, Singleton 100, Commander, and EDH (Elder Dragon Highlander).

The converted mana cost for Meteor Storm is two.  You will need one red mana and one green mana to play Meteor Storm from your hand onto the battlefield.  For what Meteor Storm can do, the casting cost seems to be well worth it.  However, there are some critical vulnerabilities that one must be aware of.  The first is that Meteor Storm is two colors.  It is a red permanent and a green permanent at the same time.  That means Meteor Storm is susceptible to anything and everything that affects let alone targets green permanents and red permanents.  This is also an enchantment spell.  That means Meteor Storm is susceptible to anything and everything that affects let alone targets enchantment spells.  Spells such as “Naturalize,” “Disenchant,” and so forth will pop off Meteor Storm and send it to the graveyard.

What does Meteor Storm do in the first place?

By paying one red mana, one green mana, and two colorless mana, you discard two cards at random.  Then, Meteor Storm deals up to four points of damage to a target creature or player.  That is provided that the target creature does not have Shroud, Protection from Red, or Protection from Green.   

The ability of Meteor Storm is simply cut and dry.  But, there lies the very important question: How do you get the most out of Meteor Storm?

Since red is one of the two components, you should have “Furnace of Rath” on the battlefield.  Furnace of Rath, when on the battlefield, doubles the points of damage from all sources for the most part.  So, the four points of damage would get doubled to eight points of damage.  That definitely goes a long way.

In a Jund-theme deck, you should also add in “Wound Reflection.”  With Furnace of Rath and Wound Reflection on the battlefield, you can cause an opponent to lose sixteen points of life via Meteor Storm.  If you think about it, that combination can hurt creatures, players, and planeswalkers.

Overall, Meteor Storm alone is not that great.  You will need cards to supplement Meteor Storm for the most part.  With the right combination of cards, Meteor Storm is impressive.  That should give you a means to effectively take out planeswalkers.