Magic the Gathering Card Analysis Nameless one

“Nameless One” is an X/X blue wizard avatar printed as an uncommon for the Magic the Gathering expansion set known as Onslaught.  In the past, it seems that Nameless One does not seem to be all that.  With some of the recent cards, you Nameless One can become extremely useful.  Currently, Nameless One is legal in the following formats: Onslaught block (Onslaught, “Legions,” and “Scourge”), Legacy, Vintage, Freeform, Prismatic, Tribal Wars Classic, Classic, Singleton 100, Commander, and EDH (Elder Dragon Highlander).

The converted mana cost for the Nameless One is four.  You will need one blue mana and three colorless mana to play Nameless One from your hand onto the battlefield.  For what Nameless One can do, the four mana seems to be worth it.  Keep in mind that blue has the worst mana acceleration out of all the five colors of mana in Magic the Gathering.  This is because blue is not really meant for speed.

What does Nameless One do in the first place?  The power and toughness of Nameless One is equal to the number of wizard creatures on the battlefield under your control.  In this respect, Nameless One will be a 1/1 creature if it is the only wizard under your control.  

How do you get the most out of Nameless One?  In a blue and black deck, you can use “Lich Lord of Unx” which is a rare for “Alara Reborn.”  Lich Lord of Unx has the ability to make 1/1 black and blue zombie wizard tokens.  Since these creatures also act as wizards, they will add to the power and toughness of Nameless One.  That is provided that you have enough blue mana and black mana.  In this respect, you can gradually increase the power and toughness of Nameless One.  

That is pretty much one the only fast way you can increase the power and toughness of Nameless One.  There is not much wizard token creature for the most part.  In a blue and black deck, you can also use “Conspiracy” and make all your your creatures wizards in addition to their original creature types.  
Other than that, it would be somewhat difficult to increase the power and toughness of Nameless One.  You are going to need some cards like “Sigil of Distinction” which gives the equipped creature +X/+X.  That would greatly increase the power and toughness of the Nameless One.

Overall, Nameless One is an all right card.  But, you will need cards to greatly benefit it.  Unless you plan on playing a deck full of wizards, you will not get much out of Nameless One.