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Magic the Gathering Card Analysis Needle Storm

“Needle Storm” is a green sorcery spell originally printed as an uncommon for the Magic the Gathering expansion set known as “Tempest.”  It would be reprinted as an uncommon for “Portal” and the “Ninth Edition” core set.  Alone, Needle Storm is a pretty good card to have if you are dealing with Flying creatures.  With the right combination of cards on the battlefield, Needle Storm is very helpful to have on hand.  Currently, Needle Storm is legal in the following formats: Tempest block (Tempest, “Stronghold,” and “Exodus”), Legacy, Vintage, Freeform, Prismatic, Tribal Wars Classic, Classic, Singleton 100, Commander, and EDH (Elder Dragon Highlander).

The converted mana cost for Needle Storm is three.  You will need one green mana and two colorless mana to play Needle Storm from your hand.  For what Needle Storm can do, the three mana is definitely worth it.  Luckily, green has the best mana acceleration out of all the five colors of mana in Magic the Gathering.  Keep in mind that Needle Storm is a sorcery spell.  That means you can only play Needle Storm during your turn.

What does Needle Storm do in the first place?

When Needle Storm is played, it deals four points of damage to each creature with Flying.  You can use this to override creatures that have Shroud.  However, this does not work on creatures with Protection from Green.  It will not harm creatures that are Indestructible for the most part.

The ability of Needle Storm is simply cut and dry for the most part.  But, there is the important question to be asked: How do you get the most out of Needle Storm?

In a typical sixty-card deck, you should have four of them.  But, keep them as a sideboard against Flying creatures.  Also, there are other spells that deal damage to Flying creatures as well.

If you are playing red and green, have “Furnace of Rath” on hand.  That way, you can play Needle Storm and deal eight points of damage to each Flying creature for the most part.  You can use this combination to deal with angels, dragons, and other flying creatures.  Imagine being able to wipe out a whole bunch of dragons for the most part.  In a Jund-type deck, you can even add in the use of “Pestilence” as long as you have the black mana.

In pure red and green, you can play Needle Storm with Furnace of Rath.  Then, you can follow up with something like “Volcanic Fallout” and/or “Reverberate.”

Overall, Needle Storm is a great card to have on hand when dealing with Flying creatures.  With the right combination of cards, you can wipe out a whole army of Flying creatures.  

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