Magic the Gathering Card Analysis Numot the Devastator

“Numot, the Devastator” is a 6/6 legendary red, white, and blue dragon printed as a rare for the Magic the Gathering expansion set known as “Planar Chaos.” It is somewhat an alternate version of several legendary dragons printed in the past. From the looks of it, Numot, the Devastator is a card that goes great in a five-color dragon deck or a deck that is based around land destruction. With the right mana fixing and mana acceleration, one could get some play out of Numot, the Devastator.

The converted mana cost for Numot, the Devastator is six. You are going to need one red mana, one white mana, one blue mana, and three colorless mana to play Numot, the Devastator from your hand onto the battlefield. For what Numot, the Devastator can do, the mana cost seems to be pretty well worth it. Keep in mind that Numot, the Devastator is a legendary creature and is subject to the “legendary rule.” Should there be two creatures on the battlefield named Numot, the Devastator on the battlefield at the same time, they both get sent to the graveyard.

What does Numot, the Devastator do in the first place?  The first ability is that Numot, the Devastator has Flying. If you attack with Numot, the Devastator and your opponent has no creatures with Flying or Reach, then s/he is going to take six points of combat damage. If you have opponents that cannot defend, you can simply swing with Numot, the Devastator. However, this is not the only ability that Numot, the Devastator possesses.

Its main ability lets you pay one red mana and two colorless mana if and when Numot, the Devastator manages to deal combat damage. If you do pay the one red mana and two colorless mana, you can destroy up to two target lands. In a sense, this is like a built-in “Stone Rain.” However, this ability is like using two Stone Rain spells for the price of one. So far, it seems you can do this ability as many times as you want for the most part. This ability does make Numot, the Devastator good in a land destruction deck.

There are drawbacks. You will need mana fixing in the form of artifacts and nonbasic lands. Having simply basic lands will not cut it. You will need nonbasic lands for mana fixing. You will need mana acceleration if you want to bring Numot, the Devastator onto the battlefield early enough. Simply by playing this creature, you will be drawing plenty of hate from your opponents. Intelligent opponents will try to destroy Numot, the Devastator any chance they will get.

Overall, Numot, the Devastator is a great card to have. But, just be careful on how and when you play the card. Most importantly, be prepared to receive a lot of hate in the process.