Magic the Gathering Card Analysis Riftmarked Knight

“Riftmarked Knight” is a 2/2 white human rebel knight printed as an uncommon for the Magic the Gathering expansion set known as “Planar Chaos.” This is perhaps a rather interesting card that is encouraged to be put in a black and white deck. This is a good card to go up against black decks. This is also a good card with an ability that can be used against white decks as well.

The converted mana cost for Riftmarked Knight is three. You will need two white mana and one colorless mana to bring Riftmarked Knight from your hand and onto the battlefield. For what Riftmarked Knight can do, the casting cost is worth it. However, you can pay that amount of mana and give it Suspend 3. For your benefit, you may want to do Suspend 3 instead of playing Riftmarked Knight immediately if you are playing with both black and white colors.

What does Riftmarked Knight do in the first place?

The first ability of Riftmarked Knight is that it has Flanking. Flanking is a rather interesting ability. In a sense, Flanking could be considered the complete opposite of the Bushido ability. However, Flanking had come much earlier. Should Riftmarked Knight attack and is blocked, the creature that is defending will receive -1/-1 until the end of the turn.

The second ability is that the Riftmarked Knight has Protection from Black. It means black spells and abilities that target creatures cannot target the Riftmarked Knight. If an opponent attacks with a black creature without Flying, you can block with the Riftmarked Knight. If you attack with the Riftmarked Knight and your opponent only has black creatures, then s/he is taking two points of combat damage.

In a black and white deck, you would want to use the Suspend 3 ability. Doing so Exiles Riftmarked Knight from the game for three turns. At the start of each of your upkeep steps, you remove a time counter from Riftmarked Knight. When all the time counters are removed, you can play Riftmarked Knight without paying its mana cost. It also has Haste. But, that is not all.

By doing Suspend 3, you also get to put out a 2/2 black knight token with Haste, Flanking, and Protection from White. If you are going up against a white deck, you may want to use this ability. A 2/2 black knight with Protection from White is a good creature to have against white decks.

In an extended match, you can use “Vampire Hexmage” from “Zendikar.” By sacrificing Vampire Hexmage, you can remove all counters from a permanent. You can remove the time counters from Riftmarked Knight. Overall, Riftmarked Knight is a decent card to have against black decks. When going up against a white deck, you can use the Suspend 3 ability.