Magic the Gathering Card Analysis Serendib Sorcerer

“Serendib Sorcerer” is a 1/1 blue human wizard printed as a rare for the Magic the Gathering expansion set known as “Planar Chaos.” This is perhaps one of the best cards to use in a control deck that uses blue cards. It is something that can be extremely valuable against players that are playing aggressively let alone with a bunch of powerful creatures. A few of those cards could keep an opponent from dealing combat damage to you.

The converted mana cost for Serendib Sorcerer is three. You will need two blue mana and one colorless mana to play Serendib Sorcerer from your hand onto the battlefield. For what the Serendib Sorcery can do, three mana is a very reasonable enough cost to pay. It is a good card to have if you are playing a blue control deck in the extended format. This is a card that you would not to be on the receiving end of for the most part.

What does Serendib Sorcerer do in the first place? By tapping Serendib Sorcerer, the target creature other than this becomes a 0/2 creature until the end of the turn. Make sure the target creature neither has Shroud nor Protection from Blue. As long creatures have neither of those abilities, they are fair game for the Serendib Sorcerer.

An opponent could play “Ball Lightning” or “Groundbreaker” against you. By tapping Serendib Sorcerer, you could shock your opponent. You can reduce those creatures to 0/2 creatures until the end of the turn. At the end, they would have to be sacrificed. This makes the Serendib Sorcerer a good defensive card against many aggressive players.

If an opponent has a creature like “Darksteel Colossus” on the battlefield and s/he attacks with it, you simply need to tap the Serendib Sorcerer.

This goes good against creatures such as the “Apocalypse Hydra” and the “Lord of Extinction.” If you have simple creatures with abilities that can ping other creatures for one point of damage, you can use them in sync with Serendib Sorcerer. You can reduce such powerful creatures into being 0/2 until the end of the turn. During that time, you can use those creatures to ping them for damage. In this respect, you have managed to take out several powerful creatures.

Overall, the Serendib Sorcerer is an excellent card to have in a blue control deck. In an extended format, you can use cards that let you untap creatures. You could even play “Rite of Replication” with the Kicker cost and make copies of Serendib Sorcerer. Having a few of those cards could possibly help you against opponents with powerful creatures.