Magic the Gathering Card Analysis Serra Sphinx

“Serra Sphinx” is a 4/4 blue sphinx printed as a rare for the Magic the Gathering expansion set known as “Planar Chaos.” This is an example on how the Planar Chaos expansion set delves into alternative timelines and so forth. In this respect, the Serra Sphinx is an example of blue cards taking on qualities of white cards and vice versa. One could call this the blue version of the “Serra Angel.”

The converted mana cost for Serra Sphinx is five. You will need two blue mana and three colorless mana to bring Serra Sphinx from your hand onto the battlefield. For what Serra Sphinx can do, the casting cost is well worth it. Think of this as a good aggressive card to have if you are using a blue deck. This is because blue is not known much for being aggressive as that trait is usually reserved for white and green.

What does Serra Sphinx do in the first place?

Serra Sphinx is the same as Serra Angel. The only differences are that the Serra Sphinx is a sphinx and the Serra Angel is an angel. A creature such as the “Halo Hunter” can destroy the Serra Angel with its activated ability but cannot destroy the Serra Sphinx with it.

The first ability of the Serra Sphinx is that it has Flying. Should you attack with Serra Sphinx and your opponent has creatures with neither Flying nor Reach, s/he is going to take four points of combat damage.

The second ability of the Serra Sphinx is that it has Vigilance. It means that the Serra Sphinx does not have to tap in order to deal combat damage. Thus, the Serra Sphinx is allowed to defend when it is an opponent’s turn. Since Serra Sphinx has Flying, it can be useful to defend against creatures with Flying.

Because blue is not usually known for powerful and aggressive creatures, Serra Sphinx is valuable to a blue deck user. Even a blue deck needs some powerful creatures in order to survive. Against powerful green and red monsters, the Serra Sphinx is very handy for the most part. Against Flying creatures in general, one can utilize the Serra Sphinx. It does make the Serra Sphinx a good blue creature in the Planar Chaos expansion set.

Overall, the Serra Sphinx is a rather interesting card. It is the blue equivalent to the white Serra Angel. At times, one may need to go aggressive with a blue deck. In those times, there is the Serra Sphinx.