Magic the Gathering Card Analysis Serras Boon

Auras in magic the gathering are a difficult card because in general players, and wizards of the coast, want to make them interesting and useful but almost no matter what they do they can’t be both balanced and useful. The problem is that in order to make an aura good enough that it is worth risking a card on a creature it must be so good that it would risk to unbalance games by being played, yet not so expensive that it would not be playable. One solution that wizards of the coast found was enchantments which could be used on your opponent’s creatures. This means that you don’t mind if the creature dies but it loses some of the feel of the aura.

Serra’s Boon is an uncommon enchantment aura from the Planar Chaos expansion set of magic the gathering that has found a way to achieve a card that has the potential to be played at least in limited. It costs one white and two colorless and has a different effect based on the type of creature you enchanted.

If the creature you enchanted is white it gets +1/+2 not a great bonus for three mana but one that will only come up when it is valuable.

The second is that if a creature is not which it gets -2/-1. This is a reasonable way, especially in limited for white to deal with a small creature, or to make a large creature considerable more manageable. Sadly both abilities would be more useful if the power and toughness values on them were reversed but in the end it is the versatility that sells this card.

The way you play this card is simple enough. You put in in a deck of mostly white creatures and you hope that your opponent is playing something else. You then use it on any of your creatures opponents with a toughness of one or a power of 2 as a card that is a sorcery speed removal spell. This can also be a useful card in the red and white deck because this will allow you to put larger creatures into lightning bolt range.

The truth is that outside of limited there are simply far better removal cards and that is the primary value of this card, but in the limited format the combination of you needing removal spells and your opponent likely having less make both possibilities of this card better and halfway through a draft if you’re already in white this is a reasonable if not inspired choice.