Magic the Gathering Card Analysis Shivan Meteor

“Shivan Meteor” is a red sorcery spell printed as a rare for the Magic the Gathering expansion set known as “Planar Chaos.” This is one of the types of spells one should consider having for a red shock and burn deck. If you are building a red deck that is intent on taking out an opponent’s creatures, the Shivan Meteor is definitely a card one should consider. It is perhaps one of the most interesting red burn spells. In an extended format, one could make some use out of the Shivan Meteor.

The converted mana cost for the Shivan Meteor is five. You will need two red mana and three colorless mana. For what Shivan Meteor can do, the casting cost is well worth it. If you do not feel like paying the five mana, you can pay two red mana and one colorless mana to give it Suspend 2. In this respect, it would be Exiled for the game for two turns with two time counters. At the start of your upkeep step, you remove a time counter from the Shivan Meteor. When there are no more time counters left, you can play Shivan Meteor without paying its mana cost. Keep in mind that Shivan Meteor is a sorcery spell and can only be played during your turn.

What does Shivan Meteor do in the first place?

By playing Shivan Meteor, you get to deal thirteen points of damage to a target creature provided it has neither Shroud nor Protection from Red. If you think about it, Shivan Meteor is a good way to take out a very strong creature. In an extended format, you can combine this with some cards from “Zendikar.” Five mana is a good price to pay if you want to deal thirteen points of damage to a target creature. It does beat having to play “Fireball” or “Banefire” and pay thirteen mana for X.

If your opponent has some sort of powerful creature with a toughness of eight, you know that most of your shock and burn spells are going to be useless unless they have an X mana cost. In this respect, this is where Shivan Meteor comes in. Most creatures, unless they are indestructible, would get killed by thirteen points of damage. In an extended format, you could combine this with “Repercussion” to deal that much damage to the creature’s controller or target his/her planeswalker. This is a good card to have in a red shock and burn deck if you need to take out some powerful creature.