Magic the Gathering Card Analysis Shivan Wumpus

Giving your opponent the chance to stop you from playing a creature is of course a dangerous trick. No matter what the cost for them there are going to be times when you would rather have the creature than them pay it, and yet under the right circumstances this can be one of the most powerful ways to put creatures out because in many cases the cost of the card means that no matter your opponent’s choice you will be ahead.

The Shivan Wumpus I a rare beast from the Planar Chaos expansion set of magic the gathering. It costs one red and three colorless to put into play and is a 6/6 trampling creature with no side effects once it is on the battlefield. The reason that it is inexpensive is its other ability which reads “When Shivan Wumpus enters the battlefield, any player may sacrifice a land. If a player does, put Shivan Wumpus on top of its owner’s library.”

This makes the Shivan Wumpus very powerful early in the game and far weaker later. After all you hardly care if you play this on the forth turn whether your opponent chooses to allow it onto the table or sacrifices a land since you will be able to play it next turn and so long as your opponent continues to sacrifice lands he is never going to have enough to put out anything that is big enough to stop it.

The danger of this card is that you will draw it when your opponent already has the advantage. The problem with this is that if your opponent doesn’t need to play cards in order to kill you this is very dangerous to play not only because your opponent will be able to stop you from playing it with very little cost to himself or herself and it will mean that you draw the card again next turn so that you can’t draw anything that can actually stop him.

This card becomes even better in pairs. It is entirely possible for you to have enough mana in a game to put the second one of these creatures out after your opponent has already sacrificed a land. This will mean that if your opponent chooses to sacrifice a second land you will draw them two turns in a row but most of the time drawing a 6/6 trampling creature isn’t a bad thing anyway.