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Magic the Gathering Card Analysis Sword of Fire and Ice

A good creature can help quite a bit but players in general have a lot of creature removal so while a Tarmagoyf is likely to be killed quite quickly players generally have far fewer cards that let them get rid of artifacts and so a good piece of equipment is more likely to dominate an entire game.

Sword of Fire and Ice is one of the best pieces of equipment in the game of magic. A rare artifact equipment from the Darksteel expansion set of magic the gathering. It costs three colorless mana to put onto the battlefield and two colorless mana to equip to a creature. This means that the first time you attach it to a creature you will be paying five mana but it is also a card that will likely change from creature to creature as well as encouraging you to be aggressive with the creatures it is attached two.

The first of the things that Sword of Fire and Ice gives is protection from both red and blue. This is a minor bonus but one that has some good potential. The more important of the two is the protection from red as that will stop direct damage but it also makes it harder for the opponent to use the control elements of blue. It also gives the creature +2/+2. This is not a huge bonus but it is enough to make any card that this is attached to at least a reasonable threat. Continuing on with the abilities if the creature is able to do combat damage to a play it lets you do two damage to a creature or player. This means that an unblocked creature with this is at the least the equivalent of a +4/+2 creature, and you get to draw a card. This means that your opponent is almost forced to block the creature this is attached to if possible and so if you put this on a reasonably large creature, one with evasion, a flying creature or simply kill your opponent’s creatures you are going to end the game quickly.

In limited this is a first draft card. It not only keeps you from having to commit to a color immediately it also works to give creature removal, card advantage and your opponent is unlikely to be able to get rid of it easily.

Sword of fire and ice is arguably the second best piece of equipment in the game of magic and if you are planning to use equipment where this is legal consider it well.

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