Magic the Gathering Card Analysis Temporal Extortion

“Temporal Extortion” is a black sorcery spell printed as a rare for the Magic the Gathering expansion set known as “Planar Chaos.” This is the black mana equivalent of spells such as “Time Walk” and “Time Warp.” It is a spell that goes good in a control deck that uses black cards. In an extended format, one could mess up an opponent with Temporal Extortion. In a solid black deck, Temporal Extortion is a great card to have for the most part.

The converted mana cost for Temporal Extortion is four. You are going to need four black mana to play Temporal Extortion. For what Temporal Extortion can do, the converted mana cost is well worth it. Keep in mind that Temporal Extortion is a sorcery spell and can only be played during your turn.

What does Temporal Extortion do in the first place? Like Time Warp, you get to take an extra turn. However, there is a catch to playing Temporal Extortion. The spell can be countered if any of your opponents decide to pay half of his/her life points. Depending on the situation, you could win either way. If your opponent does not counter the spell, you can take an extra turn. If your opponent does counter the spell without using some sort of counter spell, then s/he loses half of his/her life points.

With extended, you can play with just about any card from any of the expansion set except from “Unglued” or “Unhinged.” Restricted and banned lists still apply. In an extended format, you can combine Temporal Extortion with “Wound Reflection.” Paying life does equal the loss of life but not the other way around. Say that your opponent has forty points of life and decides to pay half of it to counter Temporal Extortion, s/he would have twenty points of life left. At the end of the turn, Wound Reflection causes the loss of life to be doubled. In this respect, the opponent will lose twenty more points of life. Using a combination like that will put an opponent in a tight spot.

However, do not try risking it against decks that use blue cards. In that case, an opponent will have plenty of spells to counter it. S/he can play a simple spell that counters Temporal Extortion without having to pay half of his/her life points. Overall, this is a good spell to have in a control deck that uses black cards. If you use black and blue, you can follow up with Twincast. That puts an opponent in an even tighter spot.