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Making no sew blankets can be an easy, rewarding project.  The easiest type of no sew blanket is one made out of fleece.  Fleece is readily available in fabric stores, and comes in a variety of solids and prints.  This type of blanket is suitable for home decor projects, baby gifts,  or lap blankets for the elderly.  You will only need about one and a half yards of fleece to make a generous blanket for older children or adults.  Baby blankets will require less yardage.

All that is needed for this project is a pair of pinking shears and the fleece fabric.  Lay out the fleece on a large surface and simply use the pinking shears to cut around the outer edges of the blanket.  Using pinking shears in this way is referred to as “pinking”.  The zig zag effect of the pinking shears will create a decorative edge to the blanket.  Some crafters may be comfortable using a rotary cutter to trim the outer edges of the fleece.  Although rotary cutters typically have straight edges on the blade, there are  also decorative blades available. Using these rotary cutter decorative blades provides the crafter with more decorative options for the edges of the no sew fleece blanket.

Although the fleece blanket is one of the easiest no sew projects to make, small flannel blankets can also be a no sew project.  These flannel blankets are often suitable for receiving blankets for newborn babies.  This type of blanket requires about one yard of flannel, and can also be made reversible by using two different flannel prints or solid colors.  Be sure to pre-wash the flannel before starting the project.  Because this is a no sew project, you will be using a no sew type of glue or adhesive to complete the project.  Check with the local fabric store to determine which no sew type of glue would be suitable for this project.

One easy way to create this reversible flannel blanket is to use the pinking shears to trim the edges of the flannel, and then apply the no sew glue of your choice to the wrong side of the fabric, making sure that the no sew glue is near the pinked edge, and then place the fabric wrong sides together and press to permanently adhere the two flannel fabrics together. 

To make a lighter weight blanket, press up a narrow hem around all edges of the fabric, making sure that you are pressing the hem to the wrong side of the fabric.  Apply the adhesive to the edges of the blanket, and press.  Because flannel tends to fray easily, it might be wise to either trim the fabric with the pinking shears before turning up the hem and fusing permanently.