Memorable Roleplay Character

A memorable role play character: it seems almost like a oxymoron, but it’s actually not that hard. The main thing you need to do is avoid stereotypes. Hopefully you are already aware of this. Sometimes it’s fun to base a character off someone you actually know – yourself is predictable, your best friend less so, your cousin less so, your mother..actually I may use that myself. Haven’t decided if that’s a joke or not; you never know.

In my experience, I would reccomend three things:

1) Again, avoid stereotypes if you can. While they can be fun to play, sometimes it’s frustrating or boring for other players. Stereotypes are kind of the opposite of memorable. While you may think ‘but actually playing a stereotype would be breaking the stereotype!’ or you just wanna have fun, neither of these things are going to be fun for your fellow role players, which is going to considerably reduce the amount of fun for you.

2) But..a twist on a stereotype can be fun. Sometimes. These are really difficult, because the twist will probably need to be a fault, or flaw. Having a flaw in your character is one of the best ways to make him or her memorable. Do be careful to avoid stereotype flaws (He or she has a bad temper, he or she has abandonment issues,) try something new : He or she refuses to talk, He or she has difficulty in social situations;just remember to stick to your character’s flaw. Working through the flaw is good, but take it slow.

3) Quirks. I’ve been role playing for four years, on and off, and my absolute favorite and at the same time, the most difficult thing for me to do is come up with weird little quirks for my characters. Maybe he or she blinks funny, he or she refuses to eat carbs, he or she sleepwalks, screams, says things in her sleep, he or she is addicted to face book, can’t live without coffee, lives off of ramen, has a monstrosity for a metabolism, has bad skin, has extraordinarily cute feet, has extraordinarily ugly feet, or paints her nails the same color every week. Avoid quirks like different colored eyes, cool talents, anything that’s really beneficial to a character (ouch.) Having a character with problems that he or she has to work through can turn out to actually be really fun.