Mini one Racing Review

Rating 3/5

MiniOne Racing from FroGames is a car racing game aimed at a younger audience. The graphics are high-contrast leaning toward the garish and give the game a cartoonish character. The game controls are simple, familiar, and configurable.

There are 4 variations on the game play: Racing League; Free Tracks; Equilibrium; and Jump.

Racing League is not accessible during the 60-minute free trial.

Free Tracks can be played as single-player with a configurable number of opponents. There are a dozen tracks to pick from including beaches, islands, walls, and even other planets. In the trial version, two of the maps are unlocked and they give a good feel for the game play. The tracks include power up bonuses that either help or hinder the competitors. Players can shoot at opponents in the attempt to cause the opposing cars to lose control. The Free Tracks variation can also be played in an online mode where games can be joined or created to include up to 4 opponents.

Equilibrium contains 4 different maps which require the player to demonstrate precise driving control since the track is narrow and includes sharp turns, obstacles, and jumps. In the free trial only one of the tracks is unlocked. The goal of this mode is to log the fastest time to capture the top spots on the online leader board. Falling off the track incurs a 5 second penalty so the player needs to balance speed and precision.

Jump also contains 4 different jump maps and the goal of this variation is to complete three jumps in the given amount of time. The distance for each of the jumps is added to the player’s total. The maps contain power up bonuses that increase speed and distance jumped but the time limit means these need to be gathered and used quickly or the jump is wasted. Players can submit their totals to the online leader board for bragging rights.

The audio tracks and sound effects are not fantastic but add appropriate atmosphere and emphasis in the expected places. Graphics and animation are smooth and continuous even at the highest resolutions. The user interface is intuitive, clear, and easy to navigate from one game variation to another.

An overall good effort by the folks at FroGames albeit not the most innovative or creative effort on their part.