Minione Racing

Racing games have been around since the era of the Atari. Every game creator thinks that he or she has this great new tweak that will revolutionize the genre. Fro Games, however, did not try to break the mold, when they created MiniOne Racing. Rather, they tried to make a simple, yet solid game, with a focus on enjoyment.


Nothing is more frustrating than complicated controls. MiniOne uses only 6 buttons. (Unless you are using a joystick.) They correspond with forward, backward, left, right, fire, and restore. The first four are self explanatory. Fire allows you to shoot at enemies or other drivers. It also allows you to use any number of power-ups that can be collected throughout each race course. Restore is not used often, but can be used when your vehicle is stuck, or otherwise incapacitated. Simple, effective, perfect controls for this game.

There are four modes of play: Racing League, Free Race, Equilibrium, and Jump. The first two are your classic races, first one across the finish line wins. The big difference being, Free Race allows you to compete against others online. Equilibrium is a race against the clock, and also a struggle to stay on the course. The last mode, Jump mode, has drivers gain as much distance on jumps as possible.

All three game play modes are enjoyable, however, none of them really stand out. The standard races are just that, standard. Equilibrium is as much a test of your patience as it is a test of skill. Jump mode should be high flying fun, but is not really all that high flying.


While not outstanding, the graphics of MiniOne Racing are certainly interesting, especially on the various menus, which are designed to look like toy packaging. A very nice added touch though, is user control over the quality of graphics. People with slower computers are often unable to enjoy top performance. Not the case here, as lower resolution leads to faster game play.


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… for your ears. The music (with one notable exception) is fantastic. The sound effects were created with quality in mind. However, there is no music during the actual races. I never thought I’d miss that in a game, but the lack of music is really a let-down. The previously mentioned “notable exception” about the music, is that if you are listening on headphones, the alternation between left and right ears can be very annoying and distracting at the beginning of the song.

Creativity And Innovation 

There’s really not much to say. It’s all been done before. MiniOne Racing is just another racing game that will wind up in the middle of an already too long list.


New to racing games? Great, you might enjoy this. If you’re an avid racer, however, MiniOne Racing is not for you, certainly not at the price of $19.95. Not great, but not bad either, MiniOne Racing gets a 3/5.