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Mtg Abbey Gargoyles

Abbey Gargoyles is an uncommon white creature from the Homelands set. As of Magic 2011, it has seen reprints in Masters Edition II and Fifth Edition as an uncommon. It costs two colorless mana and three white mana to play and comes into the battlefield as a 3/4 Gargoyle. Like many other Gargoyles, Abbey Gargoyles has flying but it also has an additional ability in the form of protection from red.

Believe it or not, this card was actually playable in casual games at the time of its first printings. Compare this with the old standard Phantom Monster (a 3/3 flier for four CMC) and Serra Angel and what you get is essentially only a single point of difference in power and a swap of abilities. Of course, protection from red is a far less versatile ability than vigilance, but it’s still a fairly useful one.

Abbey Gargoyles is one of the largest creatures in the whole of Homelands and is the second largest flyer in that set. If you’re playing limited (Homelands), this is one of the cards you should really consider including in your deck. The legendary red trio as well as all the other red creatures will not be able to harm Abby Gargoyles at all. In fact, very few creatures can take on Abbey Gargoyles in that set other than Baron Sengir. Marjhan while at 7/7 is land bound and will only be able to kill Abbey Gargoyles if you should choose to block it with your Gargoyle.

For other limited formats that do not involve Homelands, Abbey Gargoyles remains a fairly decent creature. Yet, by modern standards, Abbey Gargoyles really isn’t a strong choice in constructed. Sure, due to the way multicolored themes are prominent these days, your Abbey Gargoyles protection will often come into play. However, Abbey Gargoyles casting cost is just a little too high to justify its raw statistics and two abilities. Look at some of the strong white flyers nowadays such as Baneslayer Angel and Admonition Angel and you’ll easily understand why Abbey Gargoyles is very much underpowered in comparison. There’s also the consideration that the Gargoyles as a whole are not well supported currently and lack the raw prowess of other white creature types such as Angels and Soldiers. The only time that Abbey Gargoyles may be a feasible option is when facing casual red decks and even then, there are much stronger and more direct red hosers in the white arsenal.

In conclusion, Abbey Gargoyles is one of the best creatures from Homelands and is very much looked down upon simply due to its connection with that set and all the ridiculously powerful creatures in the current scene. Unfortunately, as Magic the Gathering becomes older, such efficient creatures will be increasingly common and will render older cards like Abbey Gargoyles obsolete. It’s still possible to make this card somewhat playable in the future, however, if the Gargoyles race are supported in the way that Elves and Zombies have been recently.

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