Mtg Anarchy

Anarchy is absolutely deadly against white decks. This rare sorcery from Ice Age has the singular effect of destroying all white permanents. It is very much worth the two colorless mana and two red mana that you spend as its casting cost.

The power of this card in limited is situational though. You’ll only want to grab this if you’re very sure that your opponent is at least splashing some white or else it will only be deadweight in your deck. In constructed formats though, Anarchy is a fantastic sideboard card. White decks have always been quite successful over the years and control decks in particular often use a healthy dose of white in their setup. Some white weenie decks can be especially hard to go against in a casual environment, but Anarchy will take care of those overgrown critters quite easily.

Of course, with all the color manipulation going on these days, you can also opt to main-deck Anarchy and depend on your various support cards to turn your opponents’ permanents to white. Creatures such as Tidal Visionary can do so on a case by case basis while spells like Sway of Illusion will get the job done in a more comprehensive fashion. The only problem with Sway of Illusion is that Anarchy itself is a sorcery so you’ll have to cough up six mana in total to get the combination. It’s likely though that you’ll be including both selective and mass color changers if that is indeed the theme of your deck.

One related idea is to use Painter’s Servant in combination with Anarchy in certain multiplayer formats involving the use of teams. Then Anarchy functions like an Armageddon and Nevinyarral’s disk all in one. In other words, it’ll wipe out everything on the battlefield so when the other team commits to the battlefield, you would have netted a massive card advantage.

However, despite the usefulness of Anarchy, it does have certain limitations. For one thing, color hosers like Anarchy are very much situational unless you are packing in a lot of support in the form of color changing spells. Another minor problem with Anarchy is that it only destroys the permanents. Regeneration, umbras, indestructibility are all things that may allow some of your opponent’s white permanents to survive.

In conclusion, Anarchy is still one of the most powerful anti-white cards out there despite its age. Its shortcomings are relatively minor as it will usually do its job well as a sideboard card. Some enterprising players may also use the usual color changing cards to abuse it and place it in the main deck.