My Size Barbie

My Size Barbie is a large Barbie doll meant to replicate a regular Barbie but be the same size as your child. It is a popular toy that is sold in toy stores, toy departments and online in sources like Amazon.

My Size Barbie is an official toy from the Mattel corporation. It has made various versions of the toy with different outfits. Some of them were made to represent a specific character from a movie whereas others are just generic dolls. The doll stands 38 inches tall, which is as tall as many girls of the age who enjoy such a toy.

My Size Barbie has both advantages and disadvantages, and a lot simply depends on how your child reacts to the doll. If your daughter absolutely loves Barbie and playing with dolls then this can be exciting toy. She can pretend that she is an actual friend. How many girls have played with their dolls and wished that they were the same size? It is a very unusual toy. Kids can share their own clothing with the doll.

The same thing that makes My Size Barbie great – it’s size – is the same thing that can be a disadvantage for some children and adults. It takes up a lot of room and is not easily stored. Obviously it cannot be folded flat. If you do not have a lot of space this will take up a lot of it.

The doll can also be difficult for some small kids to handle because of its size. She may get frustrated if she cannot move the doll around as she would like. It might be too heavy for her and even uncomfortable. Obviously it is not a very portable toy, thus it isn’t something she can take with her anywhere.

Some girls get bored with this toy. It may be something she plays with for a little while but when the novelty wears off she might stop. Unlike with other small dolls, she is probably not going to have a collection of them. Thus it might be difficult for her to play with it with another child. The reviews were mixed for this item, with some parents finding that their daughters loved it while other parents said their daughters got bored with it. It then just became a large toy that took up a lot of room.

My Size Barbie is a good option for a little girl. Consider both the advantages and disadvantages when deciding whether it is right for your little one.