Mystery Case Files Return to Ravenhurst PC Game Review

Have you ever been bored to tears, with a love of puzzle games, and couldn’t find anything new and exiting to pass the time? Well Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhurst for the PC could be the way to go. Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhurst is the sequel to Mystery Case Files: Ravenhurst and provides the puzzle game lover with unique puzzles to solve as well item finding puzzles in which you have to find around a dozen items each time in order to gain an item for your toolbox to be used at some point later in the game.

Though game play can be somewhat confusing at first, due to a limited amount of help with game play, but as soon as you figure out the tasks which need to be completed, you will be sucked in and looking for more. A strategy guide is also available, but may take the challenge and fun out of the game since every step task is explained for you. There are times that some puzzles may become frustrating to solve, like when you can’t find the tool needed to complete a task, but keep with it and you will be successful.

The game is well thought out with great graphics, but make sure your pc has a high quality display, as lower quality can sometimes make it difficult to find needed items since they can sometimes blend into the background making them hard to find, which caused issues a couple of times with completing the item finding puzzles quickly.

Game play was much better than expected and deserves a 4/5 rating. Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhurst did not deserve a 5/5 since it performs as well as most other games out there, but it will not blow you away and make you think that it is the best game ever. As for purchasing the game, it was really good, but does not provide enough of a draw to want to purchase it as soon as the trian ends.

In conclusion, Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhurst provides the puzzle lover with great graphics, music and game play. At least try the trial for yourself, it will definitely be worth at least 40 minutes of your time.