Mystery Pi the new York Fortune

“The family of a wealthy New York billionaire has to find his hidden will so they can have a shot at his entire fortune. The billionaire has hidden his will somewhere in New York City and has given his family only seventeen (17) hours to locate the will or the estate will be given to his dog and cat.

The family has hired a private investigator to find the will which can be anywhere in the vast city. As an incentive, the family will pay the PI twenty-five million dollars to find the will in time.”

Mystery PI, The New York Fortune is a hidden object, solve the crime, downloadable game. The object of the game is to find hidden items that will reveal clues to help find the billionaire’s will. One of the first things I liked about this game is, for some objects, you were not just given the name of the item but had to figure out what it was from a description. What would you consider a returning toy to be? I found it’s a boomerang.

At the beginning of the game, you are given the billionaire scenario that you solve by looking in several New York places for items that give clues to help crack the case. You have to find a certain number of items at each place and have about twenty-five to forty minutes to look for them. In addition to the items, you also have to find one apple type and one key type. The apples and keys help unlock bonus levels in the unlimited game mode after you have found twenty-five of each. After finding each item, you are given points which help advance your rank so you can become a master investigator. After finding enough or all items in a level, a mini puzzle is given so you can get a clue to the hidden map. Once you think you know, you are given the option of solving the mystery and collecting your pay from the deceased billionaire’s relatives.

The only thing I found problematic was having to remember to find the apple and key on each level and not being able to go back to a scene if I’d found all the items and hadn’t found those two things. In spite of that, I still would like to purchase this game because it was enjoyable. I give Mystery PI, The New York Fortune a 5/5 rating for great graphics and addicting game play.