New Star Soccer 4 Game Review new Star Soccer 4 Review

Rate 2/5

Choose from any league of the world in New Star Soccer 4. Pick the type of player that best suits a play style. Change a variety of statistics to create an ideal starting player. More experience points are added for brilliant soccer play. Stats can be updated after every game.

New Star Soccer 4 is best played with the joystick. Keys can be assigned to the keyboard but this makes game play a little more difficult. Set the keys before playing the first game because of the joystick default.

The game is graphics intensive. No other programs should be running when playing otherwise it will drastically slow the game down. For all the usage, the game should look really nice. However, it does not. The stands are flat with blobs for the crowd. The players are distinguished only by the color of the uniforms. A small yellow circle indicates the controlled player. However, if the ball is on one end and the controlled player is on the other end, the controlled player can not be seen at all. Keeping up with the action is nearly impossible with the slow response time. Ball handling is very tricky and not at all intuitive.

The music is regulated mostly to the crowd cheering. The most realistic part is the blow of the referee’s whistle. Other than that, there is not much else to listen to.

The choices that New Star Soccer 4 offers is staggering. Most of the work seems to have gone into compiling the statistics. Every country of the world and every league is represented. The age of play starts at fifteen. Improvements are allowed in many areas of a player’s characteristics. The game can be paused at any time for adjustments and review of the keys.

Game play is very flat. The player is difficult to control and forget executing any neat soccer tricks. The camera only focuses on the ball with no ability to readjust. Often this leaves the controlled player lagging behind the crowd. The sheer irritation of this will put many off. This game will only slightly appeal to true die hard soccer fans.

New Star Soccer 4 is not a game I will be buying. It is far too difficult to control the player. Ball handling is very hard, especially without a tutorial. Game play is two dimensional play forced into the three dimensional world. For all the graphics this game needs, I expected a lot more.