New York

Many people have never had the opportunity to visit New York and take advantage of all the great dinner theaters, So my goal in writing this article is to try my best to give some incite on what types of dinner theaters are around you when you get there. Many people really are not worried about having a show while they eat because some people like it to be a quite dinner but I can promise that you will no regret at least giving this type of entertainment. I kept an open mind when I decided to do this article; these theaters have something for everyone. These dinner theaters are very interesting they have shows from the Miracle on Thirty-fourth Street to The Sopranos, I found on that is an oldie but goodie it is The Honeymooners, The also have a very selective amount of the Murder Mystery theater shows which are interactive. Many shows have both public and private shows for you and your family. And many of them offer you a chance to have hands on activities with your whole family. Also many of them still offer the traditional DJ and Dancing, some have live bands and bars so that adults can enjoy a drink with there movies.

Now when you are looking for dinner theaters to take the children too, you should swing by the First Avenue Playhouse they offer Dinner, Desserts and Paper Moon Puppets and this company has a really strong since of respect they help set up fundraisers around New York and they love doing what they do for the kids. Next on our stop for the best ever dinner theaters is the Hunterdon Hills Playhouse, this companies shows are the music of America shows. They allow anyone to have their wedding at their location. The experience at this dinner theater is fun, fast passed, and very uplifting. They have been in business since 1981 and they are open year round and the best thing is that they are set among 90 pristine country acres on a lakeside terrace. The employees at this place were amazing they are a full service crew and they are very friendly, caring, and the atmosphere is just amazing.

There are many different types of dinner theaters that us adults can go and enjoy together without the little ones to. Because admit it guys how often are we walking around and just out of know where you think to yourself I would like to go see a show at a dinner theater, not very often I would say because most of us are really busy with our jobs and families to be able to stop and think about getting to enjoy ourselves with something of this nature. Another place that is out of this world is the a little place that you and your family can go to eat breakfast or lunch and dinner and they also have a show that plays while you are eating. The other types of shows that you can see while in New York you can go watch the chef show they are amazing to watch.

When you get to New York I hope that you enjoy visiting some of these fantastic performances. Remember that you should always make sure that these shows are suitable for the group of people you are with. Enjoy your visit and experiences with these fine dinner theaters.