Nintendo Toys

Nintendo is the undisputed king of kid-themed video games, so it’s hardly shocking that they’ve also managed to churn out a lot of toys based on their games. If you love any Nintendo game, you owe it to yourself to have at least one of these iconic characters staring at you while you play your Wii U. Here are five of the best Nintendo toys you could own right now.

Super Mario Mini Figure Collection

Mario? In a listing of Nintendo toys? It was inevitable, and as far as collectors items go these little guys are the cream of the crop. No frills, no extra gadgets, just straight-up classic Mario characters in nicely balanced poses. Mario, Luigi, Lakitu, Shy Guy, Koopa Troopa and Princess Daisy are all great buys, and look fantastic on desks, television stands and shelves. They’re also inexpensive, as far as licensed merchandise goes, and buying the whole set should satisfy most of your Mario impulses for a lifetime. (Though there are 9-inch posable versions as well.)

Legend of Zelda Link Figure

Of all the Nintendo characters on the market, Link’s the one who most deserves a posable action figure. He finally got it thanks to toy developer figma, and the end result is astounding. Link is highly articulated, capable of a wide range of dynamic poses that can be held in place with a stand. The plastic is clean and pristine, with only the joints betraying him as a toy, not a screen shot from a video game. He even has an alternate head for battle. Not too shabby, that.

Legend of Zelda Ocarina

The game was called Ocarina of Time for a reason, and now you can own the namesake ocarina for your own playing pleasure. Though hardly traditional toys, these ocarinas are a great buy for Nintendo fans and can prove a learning experience for children who suddenly discover the joys of playing a musical instrument.

Metroid Samus Aran Figure

Impressed by Link? Then this figma recreation of Metroid’s Samus Aran will blow you away. Featuring just as much articulation as the hero in green, Samus looks even more impressive with a glossy paint job, incredible attention to detail and some of the best production values on the market. Samus even comes with a Morph Ball. Classy. This is a fantastic toy for its price point, and a must-have for Metroid fans.

Nintendo Plush

Official or otherwise, the number of plushie Nintendo characters is staggering. They cover virtually every franchise, famous or obscure, and are always at least adorable enough to set on a shelf for viewing. Even if you can’t find the Nintendo character you like through official channels, it’s not hard to find an artist who will do a commissioned custom version for you.