Old Dalan

Once you’re done chatting with Penelo in North End, head east across the bridge and check the eastern wall. You’ll find a previously blocked door is now open, permitting travel into Lowtown. These underground slums are filled with some colourful characters, and you’ll probably make lots of visits down here while playing the game.

Before visiting Old Dalan in the south of Oldtown, wander around a bit. Follow the map closely to avoid getting lost, as Oldtown is a bit more twisty-turny than Rabanastre’s upper levels. There’s treasure to be found in a few corners, and merchants in a few places will sell you new wares and take enemy drops off your hands. Don’t overload too much on Potions, though, as you may as well go buy a license for Cure while you still have some cash, not to mention new gear for Vaan and some upcoming characters.

Be careful while down here, however. There’s one chest – right near Old Dalan’s house, in fact – that should not be opened. Doing so renders Vaan incapable of picking up a very powerful weapon much later in the game.

To find Old Dalan you need to head to the southern tip of the Southern Sprawl of Lowtown, which if you’re coming from the north is on an entirely different map. Just keep running south and you’ll find it eventually, marked on the map.

Once inside Old Dalan greets Vaan curiously and laughs at his request to get into the palace; however he decides to help out, telling Vaan that the way in lies through a door in the sewers that can be opened via a ‘magicked stone’. Unfortunately the Crescent Stone, which Dalan has, requires the charge of a Sun Stone to be of any use to Vaan. And for that Vaan needs to wander to the Giza Plains, south of Rabanastre, and speak to a tribe of nomads there.

Leave Old Dalan’s place and turn right as Vaan suggests. You’ll be at Southgate. Save at the oddly-colored crystal (these amber ones allow you to teleport with a Teleport Stone) and head out onto the plains.

(Note: Before you go out into the Giza Plains you should seriously consider visiting the weapons and armor shops of Rabanastre, if you haven’t already. At the very least get Vaan a Broadsword. Cure can’t hurt either if you have the money, though you may not want to dedicate Vaan to the magic path – he’s better suited to a fighter at this point.)