Online Dolls Contribute to Childrens Happiness – Yes

The world our children are currently living in is increasingly becoming dependent on computer technology. Either a parent can accept this fact or will not accept it, but no matter what, their child will be exposed to a computer. Whether it be in school, at a library, or a friend’s house the child will be exposed. Several years earlier, dolls were to be bought in stores in a nicely packaged box complete with accessories, but in today’s age this can be found on millions of sites on the Internet for free.

On-line dolls are not only great for the children, but also great on a parent’s pocket. On-line dolls represent a vast amount of things that a child can be exposed to. Examples of these are fashion, color coordination, appreciating what other cultures look like, and how to dress. A parent can teach a child these skills a million times, but this on-line site can be an excellent reinforcement of these particular skills that are needed. How many kids actually get exposed to how another culture will look according to them in designer gear and made up?

Not many will have the experience to make up someone else, so if they can see how other culture’s dress, this is great. It not only is great for the child’s exposure, but it is something that will keep them happy at least for an hour or so. We all want our children to succeed in life and to be happy, even if the happiness is limited. If dressing a doll up on-line gives your child satisfaction why deny them? These sites that I have seen do not expose the dolls in anyway. They all have at least underclothes on. If there were no underclothes I could see the problem of the online doll sites, but come on let our kids enjoy themselves.

This topic is primarily dedicated to girls playing on these sites, but boys also go onto these sites when they are bored. Does this pose a problem? No, because it just means that our kids are comfortable with things of the opposite sex and know their differences. On-line doll games are not wrong and I would love to see them further expanded. They entertain our kids and teach them necessary techniques for dressing, etc. Wake up world! We are in a computer age! Dolls are not just in stores anymore!