Online Games at Pogocom

I recently discovered a great gaming site online that allows you to play really great games free of charge. You can also, for about $29.99 (special price through January 08) become a member and get more “members only games” as well as other advantages. The really cool thing about pogo? You can win money just for playing their games! Whether you are a member or not, playing a game and doing well on it earns you a Jackpot spin. Each jackpot spin earns you tokens; however, every so often you may actually win money or prizes on these Jackpot Spins! You can also cash in your tokens to be entered into a daily or weekly drawing for a cash prize. I have never personally won anything, but I have not been using the site for very long either.

Some of the games on Pogo include arcade, sports, card, casino, puzzle, word, and board games. I highly recommend High Stakes Pool, Poppit, and Bingo Luau. These are just a few of my favorite games on this site. In High Stakes Pool, you can play with a computer player, or another pogo player. It is very realistic. You can wager tokens, or just play for fun. In Poppit, you have a large group of Balloons and you have to pop all of them in color coordinated smaller groups in order to win the game. It is a great game for both children and adults. In Bingo Luau, you, well… you play bingo! :) You receive 3 cards and you mark your cards as the numbers are called. I personally love this game. It is also a great one for both older children and even the elderly.

Ok.. So I know you must be wondering… You say they are free, so what is that catch? Yes, unfortunately there is a catch. You must view a few advertisements in order to get the games for free. However, you are not obligated to click on the advertisements or buy anything from them. In my opinion its just the price you pay for free games. I would much rather view the advertisements than have to pay $30 or more to play without them! If you don’t want to have to deal with them and you are willing to pay the service fee, go right ahead!

After creating your account, you can add friends and talk to them, or make new friends while playing the games. Players range in both age and continents. Most are either from the US, the UK, or Canada, though there are many others as well. Just remember to be careful what you say because there are children on the site as well. Give out personal info at your own risk. It can be dangerous.
But other than that, Just have F-U-N!


This Website is very addictive and may take up all of your time! However, if you have no life, (LIKE ME! ) it can be a great way to pass the time and have fun, or just as a great hobby to relax after a hard days work.

For more information, Visit The joining process is fast and painless. Give it a try!