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Online Jigsaw Puzzles

When I started to use the Internet, I tried to match my activities to interests I enjoyed off-line as well as on-line. What I discovered were sites which cater for people like me, and one of my all times favorites is a site called Jigzone.com. This site opens up a new experience for those folk who enjoy jigsaw puzzles but are a little bored with traditional puzzles and want something more complex.

The site offers a great service, which means that users can sign up for a new jigsaw every day, which is sent to you by email. I found this a great service and have recommended it to friends. You simply click on the link and are taken to the new puzzle of the day. How hard that puzzle is really depends upon the criteria you use as there are options available for players.

• Change Shapes

What I liked about sharing this site with friends is that we can time each other, using the different shapes available, which really do make each puzzle have so many possibilities. Never before have jigsaws had such interesting shapes and you can choose between 6 and 247 pieces in many different shapes, meaning that the site is easy for any age group to play, from the very young computer users to the very aged. I encouraged my mother in law at 84 years old to have a go, and although she found movement of the mouse a little strange at first, she was soon as hooked as I was.

• Difficulty Level

The level of difficulty is determined not only by number of pieces, but by jigsaw chosen and the complexity of shapes. You soon want to do more complex designs and there are plenty on the site and even if you finish the jigsaw of the day, you can use those on the site to play with at any time.

• Shuffle Pieces

If you want to shuffle the pieces you can, although I find this a distraction, as I generally sort pieces out just as I would with a traditional puzzle to determine the outline of the puzzle and then fill in with all the pieces. It’s easy and just a question of putting your cursor on the piece you want to move, and dragging it into place.

• Timer

The moment you start the puzzle, the timer starts and you can try beating your own record or sharing the experience with a friend, each taking their turn to try and do better than the other.

• Extras 

One of the best things about this site is that you can create your own jigsaw puzzles and sent the link to a friend. This is great for sharing photos and makes more interesting the sharing of photos, being presented with a jigsaw made by you.

There are many jigsaw sites, though this is a strong favorite of mine, and playing on-line doesn’t take up much time, but can be more complex if you find yourself with time to spare and the mind to take on a complex puzzle instead of a simple one. If you want to involve friends and family why not send them a virtual jigsaw postcard. It’s a great introduction to on-line jigsaws and takes the old tried and tested hobby one step further, bringing it up to date and enjoyable for all the family.

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