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The word Lego is synonymous with fun and creativity and lives deep within many of us.  From a young age children often enjoy the feeling of opening a new Lego set and putting it together for the first time.   The popularity of LEGO has grown over the years and is many generations deep.  Lego sets are available in themes that only the imagination can dream of and generally readily available both on-line and through traditional brick -and – mortar type stores. 

Lego sets generally are competitively priced and sets that are out of stock are sometimes more expensive than sets still readily available due to popularity.  Purchasing Lego sets and elements on-line can be both profitable and challenging. 

Ebay is a popular place to purchase Lego in all forms from new sets, new pieces, used parts and large collections.  Generally it takes some time watching auctions and researching the sellers before bidding.  There are a large number of sellers that specialize in Lego and are not about to give these toys away.  If purchasing from Ebay it might be wise to buy from individuals that don’t normally deal with Lego selling such as someone selling a set or two or the family collection of Lego.

Amazon offers great specials and has a good assortment of both new and used Lego items.  This might be a great place to get free shipping as well.  The assortment of sets might be impressive and some good deals are made to be had here.

Bricklink is a website marketplace specifically for Lego items only.  You can purchase one piece or one thousand pieces and any piece available.  Generally prices are competitive but you can probably find better pricing here than on other sites.  The challenge with Bricklink is you might have to buy from several sellers in order to get all the pieces you need.

On-line Retailers.  On-line retailers sometimes offer discounts on sets they are closing out.  It might be work visiting sites such as Target, Walmart, Kmart, ToysRus on a weekly basis to see about closeout specials, this mixed in with free shipping can provide a great deal!

With the popularity of Lego and its collectible appeal in today’s marketplace getting the best deal takes patience and a skillful eye to catch the best opportunity for a bargain.