Online Puzzles Puzzles Online

“” offers simply hundreds of games with a variety of age levels and skill levels. Even teens in the household will adore going to this site and getting into heated competition with each other (on 2 separate computers) to see who can complete the puzzle first.  

Another favorite site is simply, “”. With a “puzzle of the day” and a variety of subject matters (including science and history which translate to school credit). Again a variety of skill levels (some which you can change “mid puzzle” if you decide your puzzle is too difficult. Jig zone will also keep track of your “solve time” and you can compete with your friends or at least brag about your score. Have a competition amongst the kids and see how fast everyone solves a particular puzzle. Upload your own photos and turn them into online puzzles. Challenge your friends or put a puzzle in your blog. Whatever you like, its there and great fun.

Join the Puzzle League on “”. By joining the puzzle league you will have access to a weekly puzzle and be eligible to compete in world wide competitions. Try the logic puzzles or math puzzles. Check out the memory puzzles or trivia. Print out a puzzle and solve it manually for a change of pace.

By incorporating puzzles into your children’s lives you are furthering their educations and giving them new and exciting challenges. Check out the word ladder or how about the chain gang. If you like a specific type of puzzle chances are you will find it on puzzle monster dot com. With so many choices you may not get to any of the other sites.

The final site for puzzles is “”. Again with many options and opportunities to expand your education while still having fun. Education doesn’t have to be boring and by incorporating puzzles into our children’s education it definitely isn’t boring. Print out your puzzle or try something more interactive. Try a logic puzzle or word search.

Whatever your choice with any or all of the above you will have a great time and learn while you are at it. How about it, are you up to the challenge?