Online Soccer Management

If you are looking for an online soccer (football) management game, New Star Soccer 4 is a good option. Do not expect too much from this game since it cannot match the reality, database and the match engine of the other online soccer management games around but you can still have many hours of fun. It is all up to you and what you expect from an online soccer management game.

As soon as I installed and start the game, I was pretty impressed with the details but only details nothing else. First, you need to create your own player in the beginning. You can change your player’s look, attributes, the club you like and dislike, the leagues that you will be playing in and your preferred playing position. When you are done with creating your player, the game initializes the database for about 5 minutes. The wait time is ok but could have been shorter. The database of this game is very detailed and almost accurate. The club names, stadium names, manager names and player names are not accurate but it is understandable why it is like that. The amount of money that the clubs and players demand for their names to be used in a game is too high.

As you play matches with your character, you gain skills that improves your chance to get a better contract from the team you are contracted or maybe better transfer offers from the other teams. You can play the matches easily with your keyboard. It is not one of those games that you need to use almost all the keys of the keyboard. The match atmosphere sucks you in and you feel that you are in a real match as player. The graphics are like the Kickoff game that was released in 90s and it needs to be improved. The background music is ok and have some kind of a Latin taste. I think this game should have been free to download and play because it is not worth $19.99. You can even find a used copy of the Football Manager 2008 for $15 on eBay.

I would rate this game 2/5 and with some improvements, it can be a good game. If the developers of the game took more time in improving the details, menus and the database more than the graphics, this could have been a great game. Not many people pay attention to the graphics in soccer management games.