Online Video Game Reviews Freesky Online

Freesky Online is a browser MMO strategy game that features empire building, resource collection and combat using airships. You can join an alliance and fight along with your friends for control of the game map.


Freesky Online features good content for a browser game and is almost as robust as a full PC style game. You can play one of four different factions including light, shadow, deity and devil. The main game play map consists of your castle that can be upgraded with new technology and buildings. You have several resources at your disposal for building up your infrastructure and your airships for combat. As you advance you can gain more cities and can have up to a total of ten.

Each airship you build has parts to it and by building different factories you can make the parts for your ships. There are also technology institutes that can be built which will allow you to build bigger and more powerful airships. Your airship army can be controlled by a hero unit that you can recruit. Through trade and fighting you can earn points that can be redeemed in your technology centers and used to advance your empire.

The game features many different maps including the street level which shows your main buildings and the city level where you will find your production buildings. The main game map shows the location of your city and surrounding towns and there is a shortcut bar on your town for common action you will be doing in the game. You can fight against player controlled opponents or enter an NPC area and try your luck against computer controlled opponents.

Game Play

I am amazed the developers got all this content on just a browser game. There is a lot to do in this game with many things to build, technologies to research, and ships to build.. New players even get a seven day grace period where they can’t be attacked and you will need it in this game. The game map is nicely done and the town is well modeled in 2D. Battle sequences are well done and an exciting feature of this game. Like many browser games there is an optional pay system. If you use this system you can purchase points which will help to speed up the production of your town. You can spend quite a bit of time waiting for your town to develop as you reach the higher levels in the game. I can recommend Freesky to anyone interested in browser games that features more than basic text and graphics. The content in this game will keep you entertained for hours.