Online Video Game Reviews Gravity Core

I was initially very skeptical about this game but I became amazed by how addictive Gravity Core actually is. If you compare the game play with a number of other games within the genre you’ll see that it is surprisingly refreshing. Players can’t just sail through the game and only apply a little boost here or there. To do so will scatter your space craft into debris and wreckage. Instead, constantly apply bursts of thrusters and retro thrusters to avoid colliding with walls of compacted rock. Time you’re shots and shields so that they activate at the right moments, or risk the threat of damage inflicted upon the vessel’s hull by incoming enemy fire. The amount of skill required is by far the best feature of this game.

That said, this game does have it’s detractors. The game starts out with wonderful music but silence replaces it by the time the actual mission begins. I found it very difficult to play the game without some sort of music to draw me in. I am not asking for a remarkable original score, just some sort of background noise besides the sound of explosions and blaster fire. I found that I had to supply my own music to really get into the spirit of the game. The graphics are not the best in the world but manage to do fairly well for this type of game.

However, Gravity Core’s creative customization brings the overall score back up. Upgrades can be purchased for the craft so that armor, shields and weapons can be optimized. The game becomes manageable because of this despite the difficulty of the missions. Players can link up with each other using the LAN system. This adds a layer of multi-player game play to the system that is not so much innovative as it is enjoyable. In this player’s opinion, Gravity Core receives a 4/5 for the hours of fun that I have had since purchasing the full version.