PAH Nation returns to Motown this Summer!

Just a record for PAH news on 2008-07-09

PAH Nation returns to Madonna University in Livonia, MI to present our annual PAH-FEST Motown (July 14-21). With PAH-FEST’s huge success with Motown, Madonna is the first successful franchise, where the festival runs independently with supervision from PAH Nation headquarters in Hollywood. In addition to Mobiflicks, Cell Phone Art, DigiPortraits, and Tone Poem, the festival will feature seminars, speakers and live Second Life webcasts.

Motown Festival Director, Sue Boyd, said “Four students from Madonna University participated in the first PAH-FEST in Grants, New Mexico where they grew not only as film makers, but as people. It seemed a natural progression to have our own PAH-FEST and with the guidance of Christopher Coppola and his entire PAH Nation team we are holding our second PAH-FEST this year. With his support of our Broadcast and Cinema Arts program, Christopher has lent his vision as a film maker to many aspiring students. PAH-FEST gives us the opportunity to help others with this same passion of storytelling. We believe our little PAH seed is taking root and the stories we are sharing with our community is testament to what PAH is all about.”